Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sappy Birth Videos

Birth videos just don't get me...I know plenty who get emotional with them, and that's all good. But since the birth of my first child, which was horrific and left me with post natal depression, any form of cluckiness went out the window, and fast.
Don't get me wrong, I was the cluckiest person out there! My daughter had a box full of shoes even before we discussed having a baby ;)

There are so many birth videos out there, and they are so inpiring for sculpting...but I have to confess, this birth video had me teary! So I take my hat off to them, it does take a lot for me to get emotional over birth vids these days and they hit the mark...

Enjoy! (it's gorgeous!)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Closet Organization

An organized girl is a happy girl. I am the most frustrated person if things are not organized. Don't think I've always been this way. It took 32 years of frustration for me to get the hint and do something about it. But once organization takes hold, look out. It's contagious and spreads to other areas of your life, and you totally can end up OCD :)

The closet thing needed to work for me. I don't do tracksuits when dropping off the kids to school. I wish I could, but I look like a total slob. There are some mums that look like they stepped from an Adidas catelogue shoot...I'm not one of them. So I need my clothes to be organised otherwise it can take up to 30 minutes to decide what to wear in the morning. And as I'm not a morning person, and refuse to get up even 15 minutes earlier, this doesn't work for me.

I came across an awesome closet special in Cosmo magazine showcasing closets, and one thing that struck me was a woman's closet/robe that was colour coordinated. For years I've hung jackets together, then cardis, long sleeve tops, then short sleeve tops...you get the hint. But after trying the colour coded method I find it takes 5 MINUTES to find what to wear. Yay for that! And not to mention how special it looks when you slide open your robe ;)
Another thing? I find I buy lighter, more colourful clothes too. Once you arrange your closet this way, you'll find just how much black you have, and how little colours/patterned clothes you don't have.
For a clean, neat look get all the SAME hangers. Wire hangers need to go, they totally kill your clothes and clump your clothes together. Wooden or velvet coated work well, and they are not as expensive as you think.

Now I just need to work out some jewellery organization. At the moment it all hangs from a trouser hanger in my robe.

Here's some great closets I found..


Um, no Mariah...just... no. There is such a thing as too much Gold. (Please apply this theory to the rest of your life, Miss M) Though having said that, I do want that chandelier

In theory, this looks great but would never work for me. I have the attention span of a goldfish. A TV in the closet? Make that 45 minutes instead of 20 to find an outfit. And that island bench? I can guarantee it would be covered in scrapbooking mess within the week. (source)

An island cupboard to display your perfumes and jewellery?  *love!*. Cubicles to display your bags? *love* even more.. (source)

Would you just look at all this French Provincial goodness? And that frock...I want it! ( that mannequin though, THAT can be sent off to St Vinnies.)
 When I was seven I saw a horror movie with my older cousins about a man that collected mannequins. One night they all came to life and, well....I'm sure you can figure out the rest. This fear is coming from someone who sculpts realistic babies that freaks people out. Aha.

In conclusion, we ALL know which closet reins supreme over all others... Can we all say, "HeLLO Loverrrrr"....

It's Carrie's Closet from Sex and the City the movie, of course. I'm glad there are no big mirrors anywhere. Can you imagine how that light would make you look?

Here's the youtube link if you want to see the clip from the movie when Mr Big presents it to Carrie.

While googling this closet, I came across an article about a woman who paid $175,000 to have Carrie's closet replicated. There was the comment, 'people with too much money'..ect
Seriously, would you not? If you have the cash, wouldn't you? I know I would.... in a New York minute. (AND I'd splash some extra cash by hiring Mr Big to present it to me)

Well I'm off to console my robe that has suddenly paled and is feeling a bit ill...
For everything else, there's IKEA.


You may be a bit confused if you just came in here and found all my posts are gone. I really disliked my blog, it was such a mess and I think that's why I didn't want to update as much. There's nothing like a fresh start, which is why I wanted to clear the place out, go for a more streamlined look and basically just start again.
I hope the new interface makes navigating much easier for you. Rather than having to scour posts to look for sculpts, or other information, you can now click on the links in the top bar.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sculpts, New Journeys, and Life

I was too scared to see when I last posted. Mothers' Day. Serious?! How can life be so consuming? They say to stop and smell the roses but it's near impossible when time is snatched away from you before you can do anything about it.
Enough of that...I didn't come here to whinge about something you know already.
Let me share what's been happening.

We tried to sell our house twice this year. Lovely bungalow that we'd renovated from scratch. 9 years, and two kids later, we outgrew it quickly and we had to either extend or move. We felt it was time for a new beginning elsewhere.
So after a really testing few months, we sold, had to find a rental within a couple of weeks and we are in the process of securing our dream home. Stressful but part of the journey. :P

Not much sculpting has been happening. I need a perfect space and the right frame of mind to sculpt, otherwise it doesn't happen. I seriously need to get over that, or there won't be many sculpts coming.
I did produce this little guy though:

It's Mr Otis. He came out with the most juiciest lips :P

Other stuff that's been happening. Little Miss 'S' turned 7 this week. It's been a huge year for her. She was in the SA Youth Ballet's production of Wizard of Oz in May/June. She had something like 15 performances in one week (school tours) as well as performing at theatres in the city and local country town. The rehearsals were crazy but she loved it once she settled in.

Now she's the little mouse in Nutcracker, and will be performing December 23 and 24 at the Festival Theatre in the city. (we luckily got out of school tours this year :)
Pics to come....the laptop got dropped, and all her photos were on it (back-up, Mina!!)

Miss Bambi secretly joined choir, and sang at the big Catholic schools festival at the Festival theatre too. It was such a hoot for her, and I am so proud of her as she is going through a stage where she is not sure what she wants to do. It's hard going on 11. She is turning into a big of a moody tween, but nothing that is out of control. I'm lucky she still comes in for hugs often.

Hubby is plodding along. He was in this years' Masters Boxing competitions. He lost by 2 points only, but he did SO well (and how sexy does he look in all his gear? ;)

And me? Well this year has been a total awakening for me, in so many ways. It has not been easy, as I struggle when life gets busy and complicated. Must remember to BREATHE.
But I feel like I am a new me, and I have reassessed what life is all about. I guess that's what 2011 is about, and 2012 I feel will be huge in that respect, for many people. Bring it on, I say.

I'll leave you with some snapshots of everyday life from my hipstamatic Iphone app (best app EVER. The only reason I wanted an Iphone!)

Our babies that grow too quick...baby teeth, gone

Husbands' in the kitchen...what's not to love? :)

Sushi for dinner...yum

Hubby's boxing match  (he's in red)

Moshlings...the Moshy Monsters craze in our house

Juicy lip colours for spring 
Rainy spring days, *love*

PS3 time during school holidays

Climbing kitties

                                                     Drives around our beautiful city

                            Enjoy the rest of your week xx