Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

How was your Christmas and New Years'?
If it was anything like ours, it involved lots of food. Did Christmas really happen? I still feel like I need to be buying presents or something.

Like every year, it has gone like a blur and it feels like we are already planning out the whole year. I am just hoping that this year is a little gentler on the social side, so I can focus on sculpting projects and other creative things that I never get to do for myself. I wanna be a bit selfish this year, that's not so bad, is it?

I don't normally sculpt this time of year, but I had a special request for a memorial sculpt, and after trying to break out of my stupid perfectionism streak, I finally completed it, with less sanity than what I started with.
I felt a bit sad while sculpting it, as it was the eve of my daughter's birthday and you can't help but reflect to your moment of giving birth. I hear so many heart-breaking stories, so I am always grateful that we got to bring our babies home from the hospital.
Sending a big hug to all you grieving mothers. You are amazing for living with the pain day in, day out. Time never brings a reprieve from the grief.
To quote Keanu Reeves after the loss of his baby;  'Grief changes shape, but it never ends'.

With the sculpting side of things, I have a problem, and that is I don't know when good enough is exactly that. I will go around in circles with my sculpting. I really need to snap out of it.
That is my New Years' 'evolution' (thanks, John Edward!) to know when something is good enough, and be able to stop there. Really, why do we torture ourselves the way we do? Where did we learn to put such conditions on ourselves? One thing I know is that pushing yourself constantly can lead to serious burnout which I think I am experiencing now. Right now, I could easily sleep 3 times a day.
Balance.... is also my new mantra.

Keep checking back, as I plan to overhaul the gallery now my laptop is up and running again and I have retrieved the photos of my sculpts. I also will post about a little dolly project I am doing with my girls...and it has nothing to do with the sculpted variety.

As usual, Blogger has a mind of it's own today so I can't post any pics...but as is my stubborn nature, I'll keep trying.