My name is Mina, and I live in the relaxed city of Adelaide in South Australia, with my little family.

My sculpting venture started around 2006. I didn't know I wanted to be a sculptor. Like lots of people I was questioning where I was in my life, and what I wanted out of it. I was going through  really trying phase and was quite down. I used to frequent Ebay regularly, and constantly saw a section titled, 'OOAK Dolls'.
I never gave it much thought until one day I clicked on it and discovered OOAK actually meant 'One of a Kind', and consisted of dolls that were hand sculpted from clay. I had the strongest feeling I could sculpt, and after browsing the web and a few years of experimenting, I am in a place where I am happy with what my hands produce. There is always room for learning though, and I hope I can constantly improve on what I do.
In 2010, my sculpt won 'Best Mini Baby' in the worldwide Colliii Awards competition. This was quite an achievement for me.

What makes sculpting wonderful is the amazing people I meet from all over the world, and the fact that sculpts can be healing to so many people who have experienced loss or heartache.

Outside of sculpting, I love sewing, scrapbooking, (digital and hybrid), jewellery making, photography and getting out in nature with the family.
I also love reading craft and fashion blogs, it's a little treat I have for myself after the kids go down and the house is quiet.

If you have any questions about me or my sculpting, please feel free to drop me a line.